Modern Singles and the New Vogue
“ VSSEAC jumped to the forefront with exciting, interesting and fun event scheduling which includes culture, arts, sports, holistic health, socials and such a variety of everything that is happening in Vancouver ...”

Looking into the future when technology has lost its permeability, a new phenomenon has already risen to bring real life back to human beings in search of friendship or possibly romance.

VSSEAC is at the forefront of the Canadian singles club experience. You might remember that Visit Vancouver, which manages the club, brought the first speed dating events to Canada many years ago. I happened to try one in Vancouver and they were welcoming and a lot of fun in the dark with candles, real tablecloths and candy, a kind of ambience that vanished with the Tech Age. You almost forgot that you were there to find the forever special one.

VSSEAC happened around that time too with a distinction: Not the drab, lack-lustre event scheduling that sports and leisure activity clubs traditionally serve up. VSSEAC jumped to the forefront with exciting, interesting and fun event scheduling which includes culture, arts, sports, holistic health, socials and such a variety of everything that is happening in Vancouver that it is impossible to pinpoint this or that. There is simply everything that you think of in the arts, sports and social hemisphrere.

Not a dull club by any means but for the buck, VSSEAC brings over twenty events monthly for its members and the other similar undertakings are following VSSEAC's footsteps now promote themselves similarly - there are always clones that pop out of the perpetual copycat abyss and they charge through the roof. Since I last checked a new outfit here in Vancouver charged about a grand for

Meaningful and fun singles socializing essentially the same offerings and another outfit which set up shop after VSSEAC places a mark-up on every activity that very nearly totals the VSSEAC club monthly membership fee once you have tried some of their activities. VSSEAC doesn't mark up their events so you pay what you would normally. It's a club that has kept its integrity intact.

VSSEAC's motto, “Boring just isn't in our vocabulary” is true. The club keeps things interesting and even if you happen to have no interests, the club will get you into jumpstart mode.

Singles clubs are a modern alternative to online personals and expensive introduction matchmaking services in that the club member is empowered to pick and choose to participate in activities. VSSEAC is the pioneer of the concept in providing a broad spectrum that encompasses just about every event you can think of. No ice-breakers needed here because freedom of choice plays such a big part. No one makes you try anything. But it is like a good restaurant when the menu is irresistible, you might even try something just to say you have.

Singles clubs have carved a niche that is much needed. Real humans and real interactions rather than meeting for five minute sessions at the local coffee hangout with a stranger which for most of us is an intimidating exercise in disappointment and disillusionment. Singles clubs like VSSEAC don't promise anyone love or forever marriages although I don't mind saying that there are members who find something special. But they don't go into it with the expectations.

VSSEAC states that, “Cupid's influence cannot be understated. Everyone is single in the club and cupid could light a match. But it will kindle of its own velocity with no stress or pressure.” I have to say, I met two couples who met at the club at activities and they Genuinely seemed in love. Not just a fling-ding, they were really smitten.

Her Perspective

“It feels safe going on outings because there are always a minimum number of members for each event so its not just always one or two members. "

“I like the variety of add-ons in this club! ”

“I don't feel the pressure to do anything except have fun since the activities are a combination of women and men. ”

“It's not like some other clubs where the ladies outnumber the men at events. Here it is balanced quite well. ”

“Everyone is so nice and the pressure is off. We really do have lots of fun and the men are wonderful.”

“The sports activities are not competitive. It is geared towards as many members as possible joining in. I like that.”

“Very reasonably priced memberships compared to $1,000 a year!!! ”

His View

“The anxiety factor is low because there are women and men at the activities. One on one happens if you want it to. ”

“Fewer activities and better quality makes for better experiences. ”

“Very nice members. A pleasant group without the 'boring' snob factor. ”

“Much more fun than the surprises that online personals meetings can face you with. No such stress here, beautiful women. ”

“I like that you pick and choose what you want to participate in at VSSEAC that way meeting others is comfortable and there is no need for an ice breaker, its flowing and happening already. ”

“Got tired of the rat race and decided to try something that seems more real and genuine. ”

“Easy to network and make some new friends. ”